quinta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2010

Summer Readings

Mom, Dad and their children are having dinner on a Wednesday night. Dad is snappy and irritable, criticizing everybody during the meal, spreading his tension around like electricity. When he finishes eating, he leaves the table abruptly and heads out of the room. His ten-year-old daughter says. “Dad, where are you going? Wednesday is your night to wash the dishes.“ Upon hearing these words, Dad bursts into flames, screaming, “You upstart little shit, don’t you dare try to tell me what to do! You’ll be wearing a dish on your face!” He grabs a plate off the table, makes like he is going to throw it at her, and then turns away and smashes it on the floor. He knocks a chair over with his hand and storms out of the room. Mom and the children are left trembling, the daughter bursts into tears. Dad reappears in the doorway and yells that she’d better shut up, so she chokes off her tears, which causes her to shake even more violently. Without touching a soul, Dad has sent painful shock waves through the entire family. We move ahead now to the following Wednesday. Dinner passes fairly normally, without the previous week’s tension, but Dad still strolls out of the kitchen when he finishes eating. Does a family member remind him that it’s his turn to wash the dishes? Of course not. It will be many, many months before anyone makes that mistake again. … Dad’s scary behaviour has created a context in which he won’t have to do the dishes anytime he doesn’t feel like it, and no one will dare take him to task for it. … The abusive man gains power.” Why Does He Do That? Inside the Minds of Angry and Controlling Men, Lundy Bancroft
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Jeune Dame de Jazz disse...

A primeira vez que comentei esta "morada" foi no Dia Internacional da Mulher, fazendo "da" palavra de Sartre a minha palavra: "Náusea". Hoje, voltei a sentir a mesma "Náusea" através deste trecho de excelência (como é normal nesta "casa"), afigurando no meu pensamento: androcentrismo. Pensei (ironicamente): "Raios será que aquela coisa se transformou numa realidade ontológica?"…
Bem-haja, boa continuação.