domingo, 16 de dezembro de 2007

Concorrência - Not about love

Esta também não é uma canção de amor. Na voz da versátil Fiona Apple.
What is this posture I have to stare at That's what he said when I'm sittin' up straight Change the name of the game 'cause he lost And he knew he was wrong but he knew it too late But I'm not being fair 'Cause I chose to listen to that filthy mouth But I'd like to choose right Take all the things that I've said that he stole Put 'em in a sack Swing 'em over my shoulder Turn on my heels Step out of this sight Try to live in a lovelier light This is not about love 'Cause I am not in love In fact i cant stop falling out I miss that stupid ache

2 comentários:

Woman Once a Bird disse...

É MARAVILHOSA. A Fiona, a música e a letra.

Woman Once a Bird disse...

Tenho algumas dúvidas: se será In fact I cant stop (...) ou In fact I can stop (...).