quarta-feira, 8 de setembro de 2010


Here is the scene. It takes place in my native town Oran in Algeria, in 1940 during the war. As a doctor, my father is mobilized suddenly he is a lieutenant of war in front. This necessary misfortune has an advantage: the terrestrial paradise opens before me in the form of the Cercle Militaire, a superb garden reserved for the class of officers. (...). Now I am admitted, at least this is what I think. Joy of the earth, the plants, the trees. I am inside, and yet. A superior force keeps me from being truly inside, and I do not know his name. I see that the other children do not admit me or that something separates me from them, but what? (...). There must be a key, a password, a code, a shibooleth. Until the day I hear these hard angels speaking amongst themselves of an object of desire. This species wants: stamps. Stamps!! Now I understand. What I must give to enter at last into the inside of the inside of the Cercle Militaire, to pass the invisible customs is: Stamps.
In an instant I get up, I step forward and I make my declaration. I'll bring you stamps. My house is full of stamps. Do we not have an immense family that Hitler is disseminating across the earth and in the airs? Those who have managed to escape Germany write from the four corners of the universe. I have all sort of stamps, (...), I know the entire world.
From high in the little sky a six-year-old girl spits on my head: Liar! The word is sharpened, it falls on my brow and makes a gash. I vacillate. Liar! says the voice of flint. You have no stamps. Because: all Jews are liars.
(...). Jew? Liar? I hear the hate and the veredict.
Hélène Cixous, Stigmata

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